about me !

call me madi or soogi 🧊 24 y/o, bday is april 20 ☁️ i am an infp, muslim, carat since 2017 <3 💿 gifmaker :)

i rlly like ! dokyeom, listening to svt, binge watching good tv shows, cows & bunnies, coding, breadi do not like.. fanwars, pledis apologists, plagiarism, nsfw, climate change deniers

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read before u follow

strong dk tunnel vision, my social battery is kind of finicky, i live post about tv shows i'm watching, i unfollow if our interests don't match, i keep my posts "family friendly" so i'm fine w minors following me

do not follow me..

if you identify as any of the -ists and/or -phobes that are usually described in dni's, you anti seventeen or any of the members, you make jokes about dk being dumb

stanlist :D

kpop 🐇 seventeen, fromis_9, dean, 015b
non-kpop 💭 coin, you me at six, nothing but thieves, magdalena bay, jeff buckley

! some rules to follow !

feel free to post my gifs on all platforms except tumblr (unless you use the gif search function on tumblr, that's fine ofc)
please credit if you run an archive/zones/hourly/... account or something like that <3
don't repost my edits/gfx though, thanks
do not crop the watermarks on my gifs & edits ! if i see you do this i will call you out and block you